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Love Yourself Spray was brought to me from a place of Love. All of the energies in it are Love. First, there is the energy of Archangel Raziel, from whom this was received, there is energy from my Angel Healing Harp where the healing tones of the heart and root center were divinely added, and there is the loving/balancing energy from a healing crystal. I have also personally added a healing symbol to each and every bottle, which was divinely given to me.


Using Love Yourself Spray can bring feelings of:

  • Happiness
  • Peace 
  • Inner calm
  • Joy
  • Love

Experiencing these uplifting feelings, allows space for Love to be experienced in a way that aligns with our true selves. When we love, we grow in our relationships with ourselves and others, bringing much more meaning to our everyday lives, our perspectives can change as a result. Use this spray while working on welcoming more love into your life.



Spray in your aura/ in each room to raise the energies to a more loving place in your home or office. Great for plants and animals as well.

**Not used to cure disease or illness, but to promote a general sense of wellness. Use with caution during pregnancy.