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 I want to welcome you to my line of Divine Sprays! This is my gift to you while supplies last!  You only pay the shipping. One per person/household please

Love Yourself Spray was brought to me from a place of Love. All of the energies in it are Love. First, there is the energy of Archangel Raziel, from whom this was received, there is energy from my Angel Healing Harp where the healing tones of the heart and root center were divinely added, and there is the loving/balancing energy from a healing crystal. I have also personally added a healing symbol to each and every bottle, which was divinely given to me.

  The Divine Energies in this spray can also bring comfort and also aliveness. Daily use can assist in bridging gaps where voids are keeping you from moving forward. Use for 2 weeks to see the most amazing results!  Nighttime use may also be useful with enhancing manifestations (as our egos are asleep as well). There is much Love energy within this bottle.