Self Love Stone

AngelDawning Divine Sprays

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    Self-Love Stone

The beautiful energies of Rose Quartz and Starfish are brought together

here to assist you with coming into balance with self-love.

 Rose Quartz assists with all aspects of Love, Starfish assists with Self-Love.

This also serves as a reminder to be the “STAR” that you are! 

Connect with the loving energies within this stone by holding it in your hand,

or placing it on the fingertip of your left middle finger with palm facing up,

 (allows the loving energy to travel to your heart center)

being open to receive the love that is YOURS

 You may also put under your pillow as you sleep, carry it around with you,

 or use during meditation.

I have asked an angel to be assigned to each stone to also work with you. 

 Allow yourself to be blessed with the Power of Love!